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Prairie State Bank and Trust improves Customer Satisfaction with Antilles Live Chat

About Prairie State Bank and Trust

Prairie State Bank and Trust is a community bank with more than 150 employees in 18 locations throughout central Illinois.

The bank has a high-performing website with LRS Web Solutions, but they wanted to continue to improve communications with their customers. Understanding their needs, we integrated Antilles Live Chat into their website.

Antilles Live Chat Software to Connect with Customers

Setting up the chat software “was very easy,” according to Hilary Patterson, Chief Marketing Officer at Prairie State Bank & Trust. “It was amazing – the whole team was super quick to get the software setup. There was no downtime other than a few minutes.”

Since adding Antilles Live Chat in 2023, Hilary says the bank’s customers enjoy using the general chat to reach out to the team.

How Prairie State Bank Uses Live Chat

“We have a staff of five who sign-in each morning to ensure they are available between phone calls to assist with that chat. They are notified when a new chat comes in.”

Hilary says the calls are general to help customers find the answer to their questions, such as asking a loan officer to call the customer instead of the customer waiting on hold. “I have noticed that we are capturing more people through Live Chat. We can capture their name and phone number to reach back out or put them in touch with the correct individual.”

She also loves the ability to add additional hours to easily alert customers about holiday hours or other closings.

Live Chat can help preserve their reputation by giving customers an instant and satisfying experience with their bank.

Learn more about Live Chat

You don’t need to be a customer of LRS Web Solutions to use Antilles Live Chat. Contact us for a demo!

See the features of Live Chat

Prairie  State Bank & Trust Live Chat Benefits

  • Easier communication with customers
  • Improved customer service
  • Reputation preservation
  • Simple software to use
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Helpful support at LRS Web Solutions