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LRS Summer Internship Program

You want an internship where you can make a difference while gaining valuable knowledge, and that’s just what we offer.

Keep an eye here for our internship positions.

We know that some internships mean you’re stuck in a cubicle somewhere doing busywork that counts for nothing. Our program isn’t like that; at LRS, you’ll work side-by-side with our incredibly talented professionals. Instead of busywork, you’ll perform actual work on various aspects of our technical solutions.

If you’re wondering if it’s all true, here are some comments from former interns:

“My favorite part was learning and actually working hands on with code in a real world environment. I also really liked meeting and talking to other employees from around the world.”

“LRS has not only allowed me to further my career by giving me worthwhile projects but has also given me the opportunity to achieve industry-level certifications.”

“Being part of the LRS team afforded me the opportunity to work and learn at the feet of some of the most talented people in full-stack web development. I love the collaborative work environment. They trust me to do work that strongly helps LRS and their clients. Even as an intern, I feel like I have a purpose and impact at LRS.”

“My favorite part of LRS so far has been all the experienced people that have welcomed me to their meetings and helped me integrate and feel comfortable with the products here! Everyone has just been really kind.”

All of our intern positions require that you have completed at least two years of undergraduate level course work or have worked in a similar field for at least two years. Most of our internships are in the summer so you should be available for temporary, full-time employment from mid-May - through early-August.