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Valuing our employees is one of the LRS corporate philosophies. That’s why we offer a benefit package that includes competitive compensation. After all, our goal is to attract and retain the best and brightest in the information technology arena.

Because LRS has offices throughout the United States and around the globe, our benefits vary according to the laws and regulations governing each office location. Our Corporate Recruiting professionals can provide complete, specific information on the benefits package for your location. This page provides examples of the benefits packages we offer.

Time Away From Work

We work hard and play hard. LRS employees enjoy several paid time-off opportunities that include holidays and graduated levels of paid-time off.


LRS believes that healthy employees are the best employees, so we offer benefits such as paid sick time so employees who are ill can recuperate at home. Wellness benefits include, for US employees, health and dental insurance. Coverage for spouses, qualified dependents, or significant others is surprisingly affordable. Life and disability coverage is also provided for US employees. Vision, supplemental life, spouse and dependent life coverage is also available at additional cost to the employee.

We offer flexible benefit plans to employees so they can select the options that best fit their individual needs.


LRS employees in the US can contribute to a 401(k) retirement plan and direct their personal investments. Contributions to this plan are made with pre-tax dollars. LRS matches personal contributions up to a maximum of 5% of compensation. Employees and company contributions are always 100% vested when deposited.

Referral Bonus

LRS believes that our employees are our best reference, and we encourage them to refer potential employees. Every employee who refers someone who is hired for an open position is eligible to receive a cash bonus. Each referral is also an entry in our semiannual drawing for a cash award.

Corporate Citizenship

LRS is committed to the community in each of our locations. We support organizations and events that make a social impact, including United Way, Relay For Life, Fight For Air Climb, SPARC, Habitat for Humanity, and many others. As well, more than 50 charities are supported each year by our employee’s contributions to LRS’ Casual for a Cause.

LRS benefits vary according to the laws and regulations governing each location where we have offices, so not all benefits are offered in all of our locations. Contact our Corporate Recruiting professionals for specific information on the benefits package for your location.