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Company Overview

LRS is a global technology leader with several different business divisions. We employ more than 900 people throughout North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. We continue to grow year after year.

All our divisions came about, in one way or another, as a result of our origins as a consulting company. At first glance, the different divisions may seem disconnected, but in reality, each one was an organic expansion of our work in the IT industry. More than 40 years later, LRS is the solid, diverse and growing company that remains headquartered on Monroe Street in Springfield with many offices across the globe.

LRS is:

When LRS began in 1979, it was the result of Dick Levi, Roger Ray, and Bob Shoup combining their ideas and talents. Shoup sold his interest to Levi and Ray in 1980, and in 1993, Ray sold his shares to Levi. Since then, Dick Levi has been the sole owner of LRS.