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Pack Your Cyber Defenses - They Belong on Your Summer Itinerary

Memorial Day has come and gone, marking the unofficial start of the summer season. For many, this means vacations, road trips, backyard barbecues and plenty of fun in the sun. However, as you soak up those rays, remember that cybercriminals don't take summer vacations. In fact, the warmer months tend to bring an uptick in cyber threats that businesses can't afford to ignore.

Just as crowds flock to beaches when temperatures rise, hackers relish the increased attack surfaces from more employees working remotely or using public WiFi on summer getaways. Malicious actors exploit themes like travel deals, concerts, and outdoor events as lures for phishing emails and malware distribution. They capitalize on the distractions of the season.

Cybercriminals increase their reconnaissance efforts in the summer as well. Just like casing a neighborhood for valuables, they closely monitor businesses that may have let their cyber defenses down a notch or have neglected key security updates while staff is out on vacation. An open window is an open invitation.

This makes the summer months a prime time to batten down the cyber hatches through comprehensive risk assessments like LRS Security Solutions' Cyber Risk Analysis (CRA). Our multi-faceted review thoroughly evaluates your security posture from both internal and external perspectives:

  • External vulnerability scans identify exposures that could allow unauthorized entry
  • Internal vulnerability detection pinpoints risks from unpatched systems
  • Firewall rule evaluations ensure perimeter defenses are effectively configured
  • Active Directory security assessments catch misconfigurations that criminals could leverage

Unlike basic audits, the CRA provides more than just a list of issues. Our seasoned cybersecurity experts deliver a detailed corrective action plan that prescribes practical remediation steps. We'll ensure you understand the prioritized risks and how to mitigate them quickly.

The sunny days of summer renewal can lull us into a carefree, relaxed mindset. Don't let your organization's cyber defenses get caught napping in a cabana when threat actors are ramping up their exploits. Just as Memorial Day represented a seasonal transition, use this shift as a catalyst to fortify your cyber resilience. Schedule your initial CRA consultation with LRS Security Solutions to get a head start on shoring up your defenses and bolster your cybersecurity before threat actors make a house call at your business this summer season.